Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center in Lampung

This is an incomplete trip to Lampung province, if you have not visited Way Kambas National Park or commonly known as Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center. Way Kambas is a national park of elephant protection located in Labuhan Ratu District, East Lampung Regency. The park area of ​​1300 km2 was founded in 1989. Until now, Way Kambas has trained about 300 elephants that have been spread all over Indonesia.

In Way Kambas, you can see the various daily activities of elephants such as bathing, eating, playing, etc. Don’t be afraid of the elephants. Because they have been tamed by the handlers who accompany them. You can even touch and take pictures with them, even around Way Kambas by riding an elephant there.

The elephants at Way Kambas are mostly those who are rescued by forest officers from poaching. The elephants were then treated and cultivated in Way Kambas. In May 2017, a mother elephant named Pleno gave birth to a cute baby girl elephant. Thie baby then named Nunik. This name is taken from the nickname of the Regent of East Lampung Regency.

Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center

How to go to Way Kambas?

To get to Way Kambas National Park, it will be easier if you use private or rented vehicles. You just follow the instructions on the GPS screen that will take you to Way Kambas. However, if you go there by public transport, then you can start the journey from Terminal Rajabasa, located in Bandarlampung city. From there, you take the bus majors Way Jepara East Lampung. You can go straight down after arriving at the First Gate of Way Kambas National Park precisely in the Old Rajabasa Village near the market, then take an “Ojek” inward to buy the entrance ticket of Way Kambas at green gate. If you want to feel the fun of feeding the elephants, you can also buy bananas that are sold by many locals at the green gate too.

During the journey from the green gate to Way Kambas, you will be treated to scenery of the forest on the right and left of the road. You can also see flocks of monkeys on the side of the road. They are forest monkeys who wish you to throw fruits to eat. So, if you want to feel the sensation of feeding wild monkeys, then you need to buy more fruit at the green gate.

Ticket prices in Way Kambas National Park

The price of admission to Way Kambas is only 20,000 rupiahs/person. However, if you also want to visit Way Kanan resort which is also located in Way Kambas area, then you have to pay SIMAKSI or entry permit with price 30.000 rupiahs/person. I suggest you also go there, because there is Breeding Sumatran Rhinoceros there that you certainly do not want to miss it.

Hotels and Lodging

If you plan to go to Way Kambas for a long time, then you can stay at the lodge there. You can order by meeting the officers at Way Kambas office. However, if you intend to explore other tourist attractions in East Lampung Regency besides Way Kambas, you can stay at Yestoya Hotel. From Yestoya, the trip to Way Kambas only takes approximately 30 minutes. The hotel is also close to other tourist attractions in East Lampung District, Lampung Province.

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