Welcome to Lampung Province

Lampung is one of the provinces in Indonesia, that located on the Sumatera Island. The capital of Lampung Province is Bandarlampung.It is considered as the Gate of Sumatera, because the location is very close to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, compared to other provinces in Sumatera.

Lampung Province has two Cities and 13 districts. Lampung Province was born on March 18, 1964 with the enactment of Government Regulation No. 3/1964 which became Act No. 14 of 1964. Before that, the Lampung Province is the residency of which belong to the South Sumatera Province.

Welcome to Lampung Province

Lampung Province has an area of ​​35376.50 sq km and lies between 105 ° 45'-103 ° 48 'east longitude and 3 ° 45'-6 ° 45' South Latitude. There are several islands that entry into the territory of Lampung Province, which is mostly located in the Bay of Lampung, among them: Darot Island, Legundi Island, Tegal Island, Sebuku Island, Kelagian Island, Sebesi Island, Pahawang Island, Krakatoa Island, Putus Island,  and Tabuan Island. In addition, there are also Tampang Island and Banana Island which entered the territory of the West Lampung district.

Lampung natural state, in the west and south, along the coast is a hilly area as an extension of the path of the Bukit Barisan in Sumatra. In the middle is lowland. Meanwhile, close to the coast in the east, along the shores of the Java Sea, further north, the vast waters.

Lampung Province has two main ship harbor called Pelabuhan Panjang and Pelabuhan Bakauheni. In addition, there are also fishing harbors for example the Fish Market (Telukbetung), Tarahan, and Kalianda in Lampung Bay. Lampung has one main airport that named Radin Inten II and three pioneer airports, named Pekon Serai Airport in Krui, West Coast, Gatot Soebroto Airport in Way Kanan, and the AURI Air Force named Ksetra Astra in Menggala.

Lampung province has many potential tourism that can be enjoyed both by local and foreign tourists. Lampung potential tourism include natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, typical gardens, cultures, typical cullinaries, museums, traditional villages, historical sites, etc. This potential tourism has been supported by fairly good infrastructures and accommodation like hotels and homstays. 

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