The Natural Charm of Putih Doh Beach in Cukuh Balak Tanggamus

Putih Doh is the name of the beach and also village that located in Cukuh Balak Village, precisely at Tanggamus District, Lampung Province. Although the location of Putih Doh Puth Beach is not too far from Bandarlampung, the capital of Lampung Provincy, but not many people know about this tourism potential. The cause is poor road condition and also lack of transportation to get there.

The Natural Charm of Putih Doh Beach in Cukuh Balak Tanggamus
 Putih Doh Beach - photo by
From Bandarlampung, the journey to the Putih Doh beach can be reached by bike or car.  The time that you need is about 3 hours to get there. Poor road conditions make travel a bit time consuming. However, fatigue will be paid off as soon as you watch the beautiful scenery on the right and left of the road. It also coupled with a view of traditional houses owned by local residents, which would provide a special experience for your trip.

Putih Doh Beach natural charm is undeniable. White sand and the clear sea water blends with the green line of coconut trees will give you a very beautiful views. There is also white coral towering, which is located not far from the beach. If the sea tide, you can reach the white coral towering with just a walk away.

In Putih Doh Beach, you can see marine animals such as sea cucumbers, starfish, or octopus, which swim freely. You can even touch them with your hands. It is very fun to ply with them like a close friend.

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